I wonder if Mike Huckabee and Martin O’Malley woke up yesterday, on the morning before the Iowa caucuses, truly believing they were going to become the next president of the United States.

As for Donald Trump finishing second to Ted Cruz, I guess Iowa just got tired of winning. Bottom line: just because people said they supported him didn’t mean they were going to actually vote for him.

Which polling organization will stand up right now and admit that it was wrong when it said Donald Trump would win Iowa by several percentage points? I see no hands.

Jeb Bush must feel good to have all of that big money behind him. Too bad there aren’t any people.

After losing to Barack Obama in ’08 and virtually tying Bernie Sanders in ’16, I bet Hillary Clinton secretly hates Iowa.

Now this is funny: whoever owns the Loser.com URL has pointed it to Trump’s Wikipedia page.

That Sarah Palin endorsement of Trump sure made a big difference, didn’t it? I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that some of his supporters in Iowa jumped off the bandwagon when she got on.

Keep telling yourself that Ted Cruz winning Iowa has very little to do with what’s still to come. Just ask the last Republican to carry those caucuses, President Rick Santorum.