Both of the big movie chains in St. Louis (Marcus and AMC) have replaced most of their seats with recliners, no doubt in an effort to lure us out of the comfort of our home viewing environment and into theirs. The change means fewer rows, and thus fewer seats, but it’s rare that they’re completely filled anyway, so I doubt it’s hurting their bottom line.

Since I’m in movie theaters dozens of times each year, I appreciate the luxury and the extra leg room, but…

The recliner controls are very sensitive to the touch — so much so that, depending on which side they’re on, either my cell phone or wallet (in my front pants pockets) presses against the button and lifts or lowers the leg rest. Sounds like nice hands-free operation, but it’s a bit jarring when I’m watching a movie, shift my position in the seat, and all of a sudden my legs are on the move. Worse is the theater that has a heater built into the seat (with the button right below the recline control). My first time there, I was unaware of this option, and couldn’t figure out why my butt was suddenly so warm.

Is this the answer to customer complaints that the theaters are too cold, or is it a subtle way to sell more icy cold drinks? Either way, that’s a feature I can’t sit through.

Now if only there were a button that ejects anyone who brings a child under six into a movie theater.