There was little lunacy on my show when Reduced Shakespeare Company members Reed Martin, Austin Tichenor, and Dominic Conti dropped by. They’re in town performing their newest, “Completely Hollywood (Abridged)” at The Rep, which I saw the other night — it’s another laugh-out-loud show lampooning just about every movie cliche you can think of, and several you can’t.

In between the boys performing snippets of the show, we talked about Austin’s upcoming appearance on “Boston Legal” (including what it’s really like to work with William Shatner) and Reed’s clown history with Ringling Brothers (including what it’s like for a six-foot-tall man to live on a train in a five-foot-eight compartment).

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Reed and Austin, who write the shows, have now tackled Shakespeare, the Bible, Civilization, and on and on. If they keep this up, it’ll only be a matter of time before they do “The Complete Blogosphere (Abridged).”