Richard Wiseman joined me today on KTRS/St. Louis to talk about his new book, “Paranormality: Why We See What Isn’t There.”  In it, Wiseman — who has been researching paranormal claims for over 20 years — debunks them, explains them, and provides some historical perspective for what psychics, hypnotists, and others claim is supernatural, but isn’t.

The most amazing thing about “Paranormality” is that Wiseman couldn’t find an American publisher to release the book here — even the ones that have published his previous best-sellers — despite its success in England and other countries.  I asked him about that, as well as:

  • Whether his background as a magician helps him look for deception by people claiming paranormal ability;
  • Why, as we know more about the real world, more people believe in garbage;
  • The story of the supposedly psychic dog;
  • Why the unreliability of eyewitness testimony isn’t challenged more often in court;
  • The scientific explanation for “out of body” experiences;
  • Why people refuse to believe the truth even after it’s been revealed to them;
  • Whether the US military and intelligence community learned anything after spending hundreds of millions testing people with supposedly paranormal abilities.

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