Here’s my conversation with Robert Kenner about his important documentary, “Merchants Of Doubt,” in which he reveals many of the people who are purposely creating confusion about climate change, fire safety, endangered species, fast food, and more.

These are issues where the science all points in one direction, but those facts and evidence become obfuscated by the slick-talking, smarmy, public relations experts who pretend to represent the other side. Kenner explained how the modern practitioners of this art learned it all from the tobacco industry, which for decades convinced the public that smoking wasn’t bad for you. I asked him why science doesn’t have better spokespeople, how the media is complicit in this deception, and how he convinced these liars to share their stories and tactics with him.

I’m looking forward to seeing “Merchants Of Doubt” when it opens in St. Louis on April 10th, including some scenes with my friend Jamy Ian Swiss, who knows a few things about deception as one of the world’s great sleight-of-hand magicians.

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