I’ve written before about Robert Lancaster, the skeptic who publishes the StopSylvia.com site about the horrid self-proclaimed psychic, Sylvia Browne.

Last weekend, while Robert and I were at James Randi’s Amazing Meeting, Browne just happened to be in town doing one of her shows.  Thanks to another skeptic buying tickets, Robert and his wife went to the show, where he not only observed the proceedings, but also got to ask Browne a question, which drew a harsh response from her and, after the show, led to Robert being escorted off the premises.  As you read his account, note that Robert remained polite and non-confrontational at all times, yet she snarled and called security on him.

Here’s my conversation with Robert last year, shortly after Browne took some serious hits for her horribly wrong predictions about Shawn Hornbeck.  Now that Montel Williams is off the air, she has lost her biggest TV enabler, and she’s having trouble even filling a small theatre in Vegas, so perhaps America is finally getting the message about her evil work.