A couple of years ago, I talked to Ronald Kessler about his book, “In The President’s Secret Service,” in which he was given unprecedented access to the agency and uncovered some disturbing things about cutbacks that could affect presidential security.

Kessler was back with me on KTRS/St. Louis to discuss his new book, “The Secrets Of The FBI.” Once again, he was granted unprecedented access to a law enforcement agency and once again, he discovered some amazing stories.

Some of the topics we touched on:

  • whether the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and other parts of the intelligence community are now sharing information, a decade after the 9/11 attacks revealed the walls they had built up between them that hampered their ability to track terrorist activity;
  • how the FBI gets into houses and offices of suspects to plant bugs and other surveillance devices, with methods that sound like they’re right out of a Hollywood movie (they bring their own dust????);
  • what the FBI’s role was in the Seal Team Six raid that killed Osama Bin Laden;

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