Here’s my conversation with Ryan Devereaux, one of the investigative reporters at The Intercept who have compiled “The Assassination Complex: Inside The Government’s Secret Drone Warfare Program.” Among the questions I asked him:

  • If the drone program is secret, how do you know about it?
  • Is it helping reduce the numbers of Isis, Al Qaeda, and Taliban members and leadership?
  • How much collateral damage is there from drone strikes?
  • Is the technology exposed by Edward Snowden helping the government track terrorists?
  • What hasn’t a report promised by the White House on civilians killed by drone strikes been released yet?
  • What was the Haymaker Campaign, and was it effective?

We also talked about the terrorist watch list, which made news again last week when the Democrats sat in on the floor of Congress to promote legislation that would ban those on the list from purchasing guns (“no fly, no buy”).

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