I have been impressed with the work of Bruce Schneier, a security expert who has taken on the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security, questioning their methods and the whole notion of protecting us from attack.

Schneier joined me on my WLS/Chicago show yesterday to talk about whether we are in fact safer with current airport procedures than those before 9/11 and whether government and private industry are doing enough to harden security at possible terrorist targets like nuclear and chemical plants. We also talked about technology’s role in global security (e.g. whether Google Earth deserved the criticism after investigators found that the terrorists who shot up Mumbai in November had used the imaging information to plan their attack), and about the restrictions on taking liquids onto commercial flights — the 3.5-ounce rule — and whether there was any proof that a terrorist could construct a bomb from two liquids they mixed in an airplane lavatory.

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Bruce Schneier is the author of “Schneier on Security” and “Beyond Fear.” Read his blog here.