Scott Ritter, the former UN weapons inspector, was back on my show this afternoon to talk about Iran and the nuclear threat. Ritter said that Iran is nowhere close to having nuclear weapons capabilities, and explained how different that is from having nuclear energy and power plants. He also said that the IAEA inspections were making sure of that before the Bush administration pushed the matter into the UN Security Council in an attempt to impose tough sanctions against Iran. Ritter sees parallels between that decision and the moves made before the US went to war with Iraq based on similar claims and supposed threats.

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In all the appearances Ritter has made on my show through the years, he has never led me wrong and, even when other “authorities” have made opposing claims, Ritter has been proven correct every single time. That’s why I go to him on matters this important — because someone has to inject facts into all the saber-rattling you’re hearing from both Tehran and Washington.

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