This afternoon on my show, I talked to Scott Ritter — who was right in everything he ever said about Iraq — about his new book, “Target Iran: The Truth About the White House’s Plans for Regime Change.”

Ritter makes the case that Iran does not have the capacity to make nuclear weapons, and that the IAEA has access to their nuclear enrichment facilities, but has not found any evidence of a weapons program. He says the US intelligence agencies also have no proof either, yet the spin we keep getting from the White House (and Israel) is that Iran is the next big threat we have to deal with, and they’re beating the war drums to that end.

Listen to the conversation here.

Don’t expect to see Ritter talking about this on Fox News Channel. Unfortunately, he’s not getting the attention he deserves from other media outlets, either. Don’t get me wrong — I like the fact that I almost have an exclusive with Scott every time he’s on, but his message is so important, I wish he would be given more widespread coverage.