Do Podcasts Make Money?

In today’s NY Times, David Carr writes about the success of “Serial,” a podcast from Ira Glass and his colleagues behind “This American Life,” which has become a runaway hit in terms of downloads and listeners. But Carr doesn’t address the bottom line — is it making money? Here’s why I ask. I’m still on […]

My America Weekend Finale

My America Weekend Finale

Three years ago, my friend Kipper McGee, who I worked with at KTRS/St. Louis and WLS/Chicago, conceived of a new radio show that would be an antidote to the brokered programming that now dominates talk radio on the weekends – personal finance shows, fix-it shows, gardening shows, travel shows, etc. Some of it’s good, most […]

World Series of Poker Controversy

There was some controversy at the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event yesterday.As in past years, Day One was stretched out over four days, with the organizers prepared for thousands of players (total attendance last year: 6,844), but not knowing in advance how many people would register for each day’s noon start. On Friday, […]

Free Roll!

Here’s your chance to play poker with Dennis Phillips and me! We’re going to do a freeroll on PokerStars for everyone who reads this blog or listens to our radio show (The Lumiere Place Final Table) [Note: PokerStars is limiting entrants to players with a Missouri or Illinois address — for those of you elsewhere, […]