Shame on ABC Radio for leading its Noon CT newscast today with the conspiracy theorists in Texas who believe that upcoming military exercises by the Pentagon are part of a plan to takeover their state and take away their guns. The anchor even included audio of an extreme right-wing radio host whose main agenda is to spread paranoia and fear, particularly about anything the Obama administration does.

There are even politicians who are falling into this trap — the same intelligence-challenged meatheads who can barely go a week without reminding us to support the troops. Apparently, that only applies to men and women in uniform outside this country. If they’re on domestic soil, they must be engaged in a hostile takeover, right? Wrong! These military maneuvers are part of a regular program our armed services practice, not something nefarious dreamed up the dreaded black-guy-in-chief.

It is disgraceful for a respected national news organization to give wackos a platform for their garbage theories — just as much as letting Jenny McCarthy spew anti-vaxxer lies or oil-industry-paid propagandists deny climate change.