While Highway 40 here in St. Louis is undergoing a two-year long makeover, MODOT has signs up that count down the months and days until construction is scheduled to be completed. I give them credit for getting the work between I-270 and I-170 done two weeks before the deadline for that first half of the project, and hope they can do the same for the second stretch between I-170 and Kingshighway, which is supposed to reopen on December 31, 2009.

However, the roadside signs have a slight glitch. On Tuesday, they read “12 Months, 1 Day” until the end of construction. But on Wednesday, the internal calculator must have blown a chip because, according to the same sign, there were now “99 Months, 31 Days” to go.

Sounds like MODOT is using the same technology as the Microsoft Zune.

Speaking of numbers problems, you’ll notice that the logo above (from MODOT) refers to The New I-64. Technically, the road is Interstate 64, and all the signs call it that. But St. Louisans have known it as Highway 40 for so long that they’ll continue to refer to it that way regardless of what the signs say.