Over the weekend, VP Joe Biden and other professional politicians of both parties gave speeches and asked Americans to urge their fellow citizens to vote tomorrow by knocking on doors, making phone calls, and giving folks a ride to the polls.

On behalf of all of us who already know what election day means, I’m begging you to not bang on my door or call to remind me. I’m an adult, so I know how to vote, and all you’re doing is annoying me.

Want to get more people to vote? Follow the points in a column I wrote ten years ago on How To Modernize The Election Process.

While I’m on an election riff, I’d like to see a major media outlet compile clips of all those pundits and political experts who are making predictions about the various races, and then go back after the votes are counted and see who got them right or wrong. Then, hold those who blew it accountable by banning them from ever being allowed to do it on camera again. At least give us a scoreboard like all the NFL pre-game shows do, showing us the record of how their prognostications turned out.