In response to my piece two weeks ago about the first Comic Relief USA event, where everyone gave Jerry Lewis a standing ovation except me, Steve McMahon e-mails:

I checked out the 1980’s Jerry Lewis video on YouTube. It does have a guy front and center not standing UNTIL he is elbowed by a woman as if to say, “don’t you know that is Jerry Lewis,” and the guy stands up. It is the same as the George Carlin clip – you can see the same guy in the crowd scene. So, did you stay seated the entire time and this is a different front row non-stander, or is the memory slipping? It does not matter, as you are dead on. He looks down and the woman, in my opinion, notices and tells you to get up, which may be even better than you recalled.

First of all, the video is labeled 1980, but that Comic Relief concert was in 1986.  Second, the woman was indeed our WYNY Radio contest winner (Kathy), but the guy she nudged was her boyfriend, not me. I’m the guy in the blue satin HBO jacket to his right, and I remained seated the entire time.