I went to a promotional lunch HBO threw yesterday for “The Sopranos,” which returns April 8th for its final run through June 10th. We didn’t get a full preview, but here are a few tastes of what’s coming up:

There will be return appearances by Julianna Margulies and Tim Daly, plus cameos by Sydney Pollack, Daniel Baldwin, Nancy Sinatra, and Geraldo Rivera (!).

The first episode will have Tony and Carmela going on vacation with Bobby Bacala and Janice in the Adirondacks, and in the second one, Christopher’s movie “Cleaver” will premiere and Tony will find it a little too realistic.

And, of course, someone’s going to get whacked. Speaking of which, here’s a montage of characters who have died during the series, including one non-human. Note the question mark after one of the names.