A few more thoughts on the Eliot Spitzer story (for legal reasons, assume the word “allegedly” appears throughout this post)…

  • How did Spitzer convince his wife to stand beside him at his 90-second mea culpa yesterday? If he spent thousands on hookers, how much will he have to spend on her now? Perhaps Kobe Bryant can recommend an appropriate piece of jewelry.
  • The Spitzers must have had separate checking accounts. In my house, if my wife noticed an entry in Quicken showing that I’d paid someone $4,300, she’d have a few questions for me. For instance, “where did we get a spare $4,300?”
  • To his credit, he didn’t use a high-priced DC call girl. Instead, Gov. Spitzer imported a prostitute from New York. So don’t go accusing him of taking jobs away from the people of his home state.
  • The booker for the hooker warned her that Spitzer liked to do things that she might not consider safe. Like what, being a public official who thinks he can get away with hiring $4,300/night call girls? Or something really kinky, like promoting the idea of drivers licenses for illegal immigrants?
  • Since when is a pimp called a booker?
  • The conventional wisdom today is that Spitzer hasn’t resigned because he wants to use that as leverage to make a deal with prosecutors. But he has no position to bargain from. If they say, “no deal,” what’s Spitzer going to do, refuse to come out of the Governor’s mansion?
  • As hypocritical and ironic as this whole mess is, it’s still not the best northeastern gubernatorial sex scandal in recent years. That title still belongs to ex-NJ Governor Jim McGreevey. The only thing that would have put Spitzer over the top is if, when he found out his name had arisen in the federal investigation of the prostitution ring, he had tried the old “You’re investigating me? I’m investigating you!” defense.