Yesterday afternoon, after a day of college visits, my daughter and I went to the Philadelphia Museum Of Art. After we spent an hour admiring the
American Art exhibit inside, I showed her the outside, particularly the stairs leading up from the Ben Franklin Parkway, where Sly Stallone finished his triumphant workout in the original “Rocky,” turning around while pumping his arms over his head.

As soon as the movie came out, tens of thousands of people who would never otherwise go to the art museum began showing up to recreate the scene. At one point, there was a statue of Rocky Balboa placed at the top of the steps, which caused even more people to visit and rally around.

The statue isn’t there anymore — although Stallone’s footprints are — but that doesn’t stop people from running up the staircase, 35 years after the movie was released. In a 10-minute span, we saw more than a dozen people make the sprint and strike that familiar pose, followed by the entire University of California women’s lacrosse team…