Trump haters who are convinced he’ll be impeached any day now are fooling themselves. They might even believe that if it happened, the presidency would revert to Clinton as the runner-up. Nope. You lose Trump, you gain Mike Pence, and you’re not going to like his policies one bit. Yes, he’s more mentally stable than Orange Man, but Pence remains an ultra-conservative who would turn back the clock on pretty much every progressive policy advancement of the last eight years.

But back to the impeachment question.

What makes you think that Republicans in the House — who have not only gone along with Trump on most of his nonsense thus far, but are trying to push him further along their right-ward path — would vote in favor of articles of impeachment? Remember that, as of today, there’s been no proof that Trump surpassed the constitutional standard of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” which isn’t the same as “not having your act together, obnoxious tweeting, and continuously embarrassing the country.” Even if that unlikely scenario was to play out on the House, you’d still have a GOP-dominated Senate that would have to vote to convict him, an event so rare it has never happened in American history.

In other words, you can stop holding your breath.

On the other hand, I am amused that it’s now right-wingers in government who are being accused of, and condemned for, having ties to Russia. It wasn’t that long ago in the American timeline that left-wingers were being accused of being communists and socialists and having connections to the leadership in Moscow. That begat an ugly period that included thousands of lives destroyed, many by mere implication, with blacklists, HUAC hearings, McCarthyism, etc.

Let us never allow that type of virus to infect our nation again, from either side.