I don’t have much to say about the George Zimmerman trial or its outcome, because I refuse to get sucked into cases like this (or Jodi Arias) that have nothing to do with the lives of the rest of us but somehow become fodder for over-wrought cable news coverage.

I paid no attention to the testimony, the analysis, or anything else. But I can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with the people who are in no way related to Zimmerman yet celebrated his acquittal. Even if you think the state of Florida didn’t prove its case against him (or charged him incorrectly), there’s still a dead teenager to think about.

I also wonder how Zimmerman’s “stand your ground” defense held up, but didn’t work for Marissa Alexander, who faces 20 years in prison for firing warning shots against her allegedly abusive husband. None of those shots hit anyone. No one died, yet she’ll do two decades in the slammer thanks to the strange (that’s putting it mildly) Florida justice system.