My friend Joel Makower — who has been at the forefront of writing and speaking about environmental issues and working with both small and large businesses who have discovered that going green can accrue to their bottom line — has just published his new book, “Strategies For The Green Economy.”

He writes:

On the one hand, the business opportunities are growing and becoming increasingly attractive, having moved beyond “doing the right thing” and “doing well by doing good” to leveraging environmental strategies using green thinking as a platform for innovation. It’s no longer simply a matter of “greening up” one’s products and processes, as it was back then (though most companies still seem to hew to that tactic). Today, it’s about harnessing the growing toolkit of technologies, materials, business models, and other innovations to create new products, new markets, even entire new systems of commerce.

For your copy of “Strategies For The Green Economy,” click here.

As Chairman and Executive Editor of Greener World Media, Joel publishes,,, and other sites. He also blogs here.