Arianna Huffington has a pretty good list of suggested New Year’s resolutions for some famous folks. Here are just some of them…

  • “I’ll find better uses for my $150 million than trying to buy an election.” ~ Sheldon Adelson
  • “I will reach the fifth stage of grieving — acceptance — about Ohio, and send out a ‘Sorry I blew that $300 million’ card to my 2012 donors.” ~ Karl Rove
  • “I will stop living my life on camera and have an actual childhood.” ~ Honey Boo Boo
  • “We will go away.” ~ Members of the Westboro Baptist Church
  • “I will finally quit making excuses and coming up with crazy ideas, like armed guards at every school, and admit that guns really do kill people, and lots of them.” ~ NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre
  • “I will enjoy my last months of privacy.” ~ Will and Kate’s baby
  • “I will enroll in a legitimate Biology 101 class.” ~ Todd Akin
  • “Two words: New password.” ~ Scarlett Johansson

See her full list here.