Advertisers paid NBC $4.5 million for each 30 seconds of commercial time on last night’s Super Bowl broadcast. But was it money well-spent? Do you remember what the product was that each spot advertised? See if you can identify them from my one-sentence descriptions, then scroll to the bottom to see if you were right…

  1. What would you do if your TV went out? 
  2. Lindsay Lohan tries to pick up kids at school 
  3. Paralympic athlete Amy Purdy w/prosthetic legs skis and dances while Ali talks 
  4. Scenes from revolutionary war end peacefully 
  5. George Clooney and kids try to change the world in the future 
  6. Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric didn’t know what the internet was 21 years ago 
  7. Kate Upton rides a horse through a fiery battle 
  8. Danny Trejo is Marcia, Steve Buscemi is Jan in a Brady Bunch parody
  9. JFK talks about the sea
  10. An arm wrestling competition in the middle of town 
  11. Kim Kardashian takes a bunch of selfies 
  12. Horses save a small lost dog from a wolf 
  13. Matt Damon doesn’t want to kiss Mindy Kaling, who thinks she’s invisible 
  14. Everything mean online turns nice after an accident with internet servers 
  15. The first draft ever 
  16. Man doesn’t want to wrong person to sit next to him on a plane 
  17. We see scenes of a race car driver, his wife, and his son while we hear Cat’s In The Cradle
  18. Laser-measured custom-fit floor liners
  19. Tell Mom you love her for free food
  20. Don’t confuse Walter White with Pharmacist Greg 
  21. A little blue pill goes flying in Italy
  22. A small businessman has to work instead of going to a Super Bowl party
  23. A dead kid and an overflowing bathtub 
  24. A little boy with prosthetic legs plays sports 
  25. Jeff Bridges is weird 
  26. Run like a girl, throw like a girl 
  27. Salt ‘n Pepa tell people to push it 
  28. Pete Rose is in the hall 
  29. Liam Neeson gets a scone while talking to his phone 
  30. Estella’s Brilliant Bus brings technology to kids
  31. 100-year-olds tell you to put the pedal to the metal
  32. Pierce Brosnan drives slowly up a snowy mountain
  33. Two words: toenail fungus
  34. Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman talk on the phone from all over their houses
  35. This land is your land plays over scenes from around the world
  36. When your phone dies, god knows what will happen
  37. A man puts his glasses back together and people dance
  38. A man plays Pac-Man live
  39. Hare races tortoise
  40. A boy makes a pig fly
  41. Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Franco Harris, and Emmitt Smith have websites


  1. Chevy Colorado
  2. Esurance
  3. Toyota Camry
  4. TurboTax
  5. Tomorrowland
  6. BMW i3
  7. Game Of War
  8. Snickers
  9. Carnival Cruise Lines
  10. Skittles
  11. T-Mobile
  12. Budweiser
  13. Nationwide
  14. Coke
  15. Avocados from Mexico
  16. Doritos
  17. Nissan
  18. Weather Tech
  19. McDonald’s
  20. Esurance
  21. Fiat 500X Crossover
  22. Go Daddy
  23. Nationwide
  24. Microsoft
  25. Square Space
  26. Always pads
  27. Geico
  28. Skechers Relaxed Fit Shoes
  29. Clash of the Clans
  30. Microsoft
  31. Dodge Charger
  32. Kia Sorrento
  33. Jublia
  34. T-Mobile
  35. Jeep Renegade
  36. Mophie
  37. Loctite Glue
  38. Bud Light
  39. Mercedes Benz
  40. Doritos