I got into it this morning with Peggy Venable.

She’s one of the Obama-haters who ginned up controversy over his speech to schoolkids this morning. In the 80s, she was White House liaison to the Department of Education.

While she conceded, after seeing what the president was actually going to say, that there was nothing wrong with his speech, she still argued that she and others were right to raise a ruckus over it last week. When I challenged her to explain exactly what she’d been worried about, she tried to deflect the question repeatedly and turn it into an argument about health care reform, but I kept bringing her back to the education speech.

The most amusing part of our conversation was when I referred to Venable as a “Republican activist.” She blanched, insisting that she was nothing more than a concerned citizen — a blatant lie, considering that she’s the Texas director for Americans For Prosperity, one of those conservative groups that opposes virtually everything Obama does (they made noise at many of those health care town halls last month).

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