A couple of weeks ago, during an interview with Politico, Bob Woodward claimed he’d been threatened in an email by a “senior White House official” for daring to reveal certain details about the negotiations over the budget sequester. The White House responded by releasing the email exchange Woodward was referring to, which turned out to be nothing more than a cordial exchange between the reporter and Obama’s economic adviser, Gene Sperling, who was clearly implying nothing more than that Woodward would “regret” taking a position that would soon be shown to be false.

The incident raised questions about Woodward, and rang a bell with Tanner Colby, who has had doubts about Woodward’s accuracy since 2004, when Colby was hired to co-write a biography of John Belushi with Belushi’s widow Judy, and found that what Woodward had written about the comedian 20 years earlier in “Wired: The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi” wasn’t strictly true.

After Colby wrote about those doubts in a Slate.com column, I invited him onto my America Weekend show to discuss the points of contention and lay out his case against Woodward.

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