There’s a new law in Tennessee that will hurt science education in that state by allowing creationism and global warming denial to be taught alongside the real science of evolution and climate change.  It amazes me that these same ignorant arguments are being made nine decades after the Scopes monkey trial took place (in the same state!). Supporters of the law say students should hear “alternative theories,” so I suppose it’s okay to teach them that the Earth is flat and storks deliver babies, too. The fact is that there is no controversy about these subjects among scientists, but there’s a political and religious agenda at work, and it’s winning in the Volunteer State.

Today on KTRS/St. Louis, I discussed the new law with evolutionary biologist Josh Rosenau of the National Center For Science Education.  He explained what it means for science teachers in Tennessee and the impact it will have on students who go on to college. 

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