Well, that solar eclipse was absolutely beautiful, a sight unlike anything I’ve ever seen (nor will again, in all likelihood). Fortunately, the skies over St. Louis cleared enough to give us a perfect view of the sun behind the moon. It was breathtaking and fully lived up to its natural promise.

Meanwhile, in Washington, the Idiot In Chief was photographed on the White House portico looking up at the sun while wearing no protective eyewear, because he has the best eyes and knows more about the sky than scientists do. I half expected him to proclaim responsibility for the event (e.g. “There was no solar eclipse under Obama!”).

As for those traffic signs I mentioned yesterday, they were completely wrong — there was no traffic jam on MO-141 or on most of the roads in the area. That hype was overblown, but there were no words grand enough to describe the sky show we experienced today.

Science For The Win!