Attorney Josh Schindler represents students in the unaccredited school district of Normandy, Missouri, who want to attend schools in other districts, which is permitted under state law. Although thousands of them were allowed to transfer last year, the districts (and the state) fought back this summer and Josh was forced to take them to court.

One by one, the receiving districts (Pattonville, Parkway, Ladue, Hazelwood, and many others) have agreed to accept the Normandy transfer students again — but the Francis Howell School District continues to put a fight, and Josh has had to return to ask a judge again and again to force the district to take these kids, who only want a better education than they can get in Normandy. What’s remarkable about the district’s stonewalling is that 430 students transferred and attended classes there last year, but now they’re being told they’re no longer welcome.

On my KTRS show, Josh explained the status of the case and why he’s vowed not to stop until the last kid is admitted to a better school. I asked him how he responds to people in Francis Howell — a predominantly white district — who don’t want these black kids in their schools, what the impact of those transfer students has been on standardized test scores in the receiving districts, and what he’s heard from educators and the students’ families.

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