Every Friday, when I walk into KTRS to do the 3-6pm show, Alex, the 21-year-old receptionist, looks up and says, “Best part of the week!” She’s not saying that because she’s happy to see a bald, middle-aged guy enter the lobby, but because she knows that my appearance means her work week is almost over.

I always walk up to the front desk and give her a high-five, but a couple of weeks ago, we were a bit off, and our palms didn’t connect. It happens, but when it does, I always want to get it right, so I taught Alex a trick a friend told me about recently.

When you go for the high five, instead of looking where the hands will meet, or at the other person’s face, keep your eyes on their elbow. With that simple change in perspective, we tried again and, sure enough — clap! — our palms made that satisfactory slap. And then, we had to high-five to celebrate the perfect high-five, and it worked again.

How often do you get to make the best part of someone’s week even better?