In the last week, both of the living Democrat ex-presidents sat for fascinating television interviews — Bill Clinton appeared on “The Colbert Report” and Jimmy Carter appeared on “The Daily Show.” Clinton’s interview took place at his Clinton Global Initiative event at Washington University in St. Louis, one of his many efforts to encourage people to contribute to society at large. Carter’s conversation was about the work his organization, The Carter Center, has done to nearly eradicate guinea worm infections in the third world, thus saving millions of lives.

As I watched each of them, I tried to think of anything similar any Republican former president has done after leaving office in my lifetime — that would include Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, and both Bushes. I can’t name a single project they spearheaded that accrued to the greater good of our country of anyone else on the planet. Can you?

While you’re thinking, watch Stewart’s discussion with Carter (who is still going strong at 88!)…

You can see Part 2 here.