Do you notice anything wrong with this image from the “For The Record” page of the current issue of Time magazine? Yes, the chips used were other colors besides just red and white, but look at the cards.

The game played in the Main Event of the World Series Of Poker is Texas Hold’Em, in which players are only dealt two cards, then have to combine them with five cards on the table (the board) to make the best hand. At no time in that tournament is anyone holding five cards like the figure in the Time graphic. Whoever created it must not have played poker for a couple of decades, since the days of five-card-draw, which to my knowledge is not played in any tournament anywhere in the world. It’s not even dealt in home games in suburban home games (neither is five-card-stud, for that matter).

The only modern game that would involve players being dealt five cards at a time is Big O (also called “Five Card Omaha” or, in Oklahoma, “Congress”) — and there isn’t a single event at the WSOP in which that version is spread. So, while Time got the prize size and the winner’s name correct, it should have fact-checked its own graphic.

How is it possible no one in the Time editorial chain knows anything about poker?