When the story came out this morning that Demi Moore had been hospitalized for “exhaustion” (she’s burned out from trying to think of something clever to say on Twitter), my first thought was that she got the rich person’s diagnosis.

I’ve never heard of a blue collar worker being hospitalized for exhaustion. People who work two jobs to support their family, pay their mortgage, and scrape together some savings are not diagnosed that way. They may end up with heart disease, or high blood pressure, or other problems, but they never think, “You know what would be a good cure for my fatigue? A few days in a hospital bed.” Even if they did come to that conclusion, they probably don’t have a health insurance plan that covers “being wiped out by life.”

Having been in a hospital bed (for surgeries, not “exhaustion”), I can tell you that it’s not exactly a restful place to be, either. Between the midnight blood draw and the IV-monitor beeping when the bag goes empty, and your roommate snoring, no one gets a good night’s sleep in a hospital unless they’ve had some pharmaceutical assistance.

Which is how most rich celebs ended up with the “exhaustion” diagnosis in the first place.