Bob Foley writes:

I just had an experience I think you would find sureal. I goofed up and let my drivers license expire, never looked at it. “My bad,” as my boys say. Thought the worst thing that could I would have to retake the drivers test. No problem, I’ve been driving for 30 years. Went to the Illinois Dept. of Motor Vehicles with my expired drivers license, and insurance card. After a 2 hour wait, I finally got to the counter and told them my license had expired and I needed a new one. My first clue that I was going to have a problem is the counter person kept typing in the computer and going back and forth to an office and getting advice (I assume) from a supervisor. After 10 minutes at the counter, she comes back and says my license was expired and I need to reapply for a new one and retake all the tests. No problem, I was prepared. Then things went nuts. They said I needed a social security card to get a license, new rules since 9/11. Never needed a card before, had memorized my SSN when I first started working in high school and on top of that my old drivers license had it on there. They told me they could not use my drivers license because it had expired. Nope, the only ID they could use was a social security card. They gave me a phone number to call. Called the number, all kinds of options to choose from, but no option for a replacement card. So I decided to go online, where I downloaded a form and instructions. Now “they” required a picture ID to get a replacement. I sent them my expired drivers license. So yesterday what shows up in my mail, but a new social security card. On the documentation with the card, in BOLD letters, were the words “DO NOT CARRY IT WITH YOU.” So how can it be used as an ID? Off this week to get my new drivers license. After I get it, going to be sending this same info to my congressman. One of the problems that came out of the 9/11 attacks was how the government agencies did not communicate with each other. It seems they have not learned their lesson.