Here’s that audio from KDND/Sacramento on the day that Jennifer Strange died after drinking too much water during the morning show’s “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” promotion.

After hearing this, Sheriff John McGinness has reopened the case, directing his homicide detectives to look into whether criminal charges should be brought.

The radio station fired 10 employees yesterday, but I have questions about whether the whole contest had been approved by management and vetted by a lawyer. I ask because I’ve been doing radio my entire adult life and can’t remember ever doing anything like this without having the legal end (and the company’s butt) covered. And if that’s the case — if the morning show was told to go ahead and do the contest, even though it’s apparent no one there knew the dangers of drinking so much water — I wonder why the air staff was scapegoated.

As you listen to the audio, pay attention to the nonchalant way most of the on-air people act about any danger, and also notice how Jennifer herself seems oblivious. Does that mean that she assumed the risk, and they’re off the hook? I doubt it, but either way, there’s certain to be a lawsuit, and I’d bet that there will be a multi-million dollar settlement.