The most ridiculous legal decision of the week has to be the one handed down by District Judge Kristine Cecava in Sidney, Nebraska.

She ruled that Richard Thompson, a convicted child molestor, was too small to survive in prison. The fifty-year-old Thompson is 5’1″ and the judge worried that he would be especially imperiled by prison dangers.

Aw, too bad. It shouldn’t matter whether he’s a Munchkin or the Alton Giant, the threat of Jailhouse Justice would be the same. If you’re worried about him mixing with the general prison population, isolate him inside, but don’t let him out and then simply hope he’ll be a good boy.

That’s what she did. Even after admitting that his crimes deserved a long sentence, Cecava gave him probation, ordered him to be electronically monitored for the first four months, and ordered him to stay away from kids.

I’m sure that will work. Pedophiles are so good about obeying the rules.

The judge told Thompson, “I truly hope that my bet on you being OK out in society is not misplaced.” And what happens if you lose that bet and another kid gets molested?

Look, your honor, here’s how it should work. Everyone gets exactly one opportunity to go through life without sexually abusing a child. You do it once, you’re done. One strike and you’re out. No second chances, no ankle bracelet to wear at home.