Terry e-mails in response to my Trident Bubblegum rant,

Paul, you are absolutely right!! The new gum stinks. I was a 6 year veteran of the delicious Trident Bubblegum, probably 1/2 pack per day. Loved it. And you’re right…it never lost its flavor and I could even blow small bubbles.

About 2 months ago, when I first bought the new “junk”, I called the company and complained. They acted as if I were crazy to not welcome the “for the better” change! So, I have since switched to ORBIT BUBBLEMINT. It took me about a week or so to forget the Trident flavor (after 6 years), but now I love it as much as the Trident! It also stays fresh for hours and has a nifty package with a flap. As a former Trident Bubblegum chewer, you should try it. I think you’ll agree it’s great!

I am personally afraid to comment on a product I like, for fear someone will change it “for the better” before the complimentary words about a product leave my lips. Seems the new generation of business isn’t satisfied with something that is just fine as it is. They think annual change is a good & necessary thing. How long before Corn Flakes disappear in favor of a better version??

I totally agree with you and the saying, “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”.

Terry, assuming you’re not some undercover Orbit promotion agency, I’ll give the new one a try. Thanks for the tip!