From my Twitter feed

  • In 2009, I complained about the public toilets at the Rio flushing while you’re still seated. In 2012, they’re still stuck on the “pre-mature ass bath” setting.
  • I rarely come to Vegas w/o getting dim sum at Ping Pang Pong at the Gold Coast. Still the best har gow & shiu mai in town.
  • Caught a few minutes of The Queen’s 60th thing on TV. She’s super-rich & famous for doing nothing. In the US, we call that a Kardashian.
  • Dear Mitt: you’re wrong that all you have to do this year is get 50.1% of the vote. If that were true, Al Gore would’ve been president.
  • In Trump’s world, evidence-free claims against Obama are the absolute truth, but against the Miss USA pageant, they must be outrageous lies.
  • I see that Shawn Parker is launching another site where users think they’re the customers, when in fact they’ll be unpaid content providers.
  • On Southwest flights, it’s fun to look at those boarding last and think, “Please don’t sit next to me, fat guy!” To which I say, “Quit staring at me!”