In case you don’t follow me on Twitter, here are some of the quickie thoughts I tweeted tonight in the hour after the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death at the hands of US special forces in Pakistan:

  • 2 stories yet to be told: details on how the special forces team got OBL, and how social media was used to create the flash mob at the WH.
  • Obama probably had a GULP moment when the helicopter went down in Pakistan, flashing back to Mogadishu and the Iran hostage rescue failure.
  • What a boost for Obama’s re-election campaign. Right wing’s gotta be pissed that OBL wasn’t caught on their watch.
  • Many in the crowd outside the WH are from the generation that has fought America’s longest war — a war with very few victories until now.
  • Think the Secret Service crew at the WH is on high alert? What’s the last time there was a crowd this big outside the WH gates?
  • Dude 1: “Let’s go join the crowd celebrating in front of the White House!” Dude 2: “Okay, I’ll bring my beach ball!”
  • Just saw a guy in a Hulkamania shirt in the crowd outside the White House. Probably bought it when the hostages were released from Iran.
  • David Gregory was good anchoring NBC coverage, but Brian Williams came in anyway. Meanwhile, Katie Couric & Diane Sawyer nowhere to be seen?
  • For those wondering where the Pakistan city of Abbotobad is, it’s a straight line from there to nearby Costellobad.
  • As an Apple shareholder, I’d love to hear that the CIA got OBL because they were able to pinpoint his location using that iPhone tracking data.
  • Great quote from Lara Logan on CBS: “You’ve got to get OBL to win, but getting him doesn’t mean you’ve won.”
  • From Doyle Brunson: The U.S govt found out Bin Laden was running an online poker room, so they stepped up their efforts to find him.
  • From Bob Powers:  “I loosened it.” — Bush
  • The delay in Obama’s speech is to set up a real Mission Accomplished banner — exactly 8 years after Bush made that ridiculous announcement.

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