The TV audience for the Winter Olympics is predominantly women because so much of it is made up of figure skating. Want to get more men to watch? Have all the skaters do their routines on the ice at the same time. The more contact, the better. You’re not going to draw the NHL crowd with a perfectly executed double-lutz unless it ends with the blade in another skater’s thigh.

Speaking of the Olympics, after Dutch speedskater Ireen Wust won a gold medal yesterday, she got “a cuddle” from Russian president Vladimir Putin, according to an ABC News story which included this paragraph:

Some feared that gay athletes or fans could be targeted at the Sochi Olympics. Those fears may have been quieted by Putin’s meeting with Wust, the first openly gay Olympic medalist.

Yes, I’m sure things will be completely different for the thousands of homosexuals in Russia who have been persecuted and prosecuted under Putin’s anti-gay laws now that he has personally touched a lesbian.