Talk about a victim of coincidence.

In 1997, Kathleen Caronna went to the Thanksgiving parade in New York City. It was a stormy day, and some of the balloons were blowing around a lot. One of them, the Cat In The Hat, banged into a streetlight, knocking it over and hitting Kathleen in the head. She spent 24 days in a coma with a fractured skull.

Fast forward to last week, when Cory Lidle’s plane crashed into a Manhattan condo high-rise. Guess whose apartment the plane hit? Yep, Kathleen’s. The engine was found a few feet away from her bed. Fortunately, she wasn’t there at the time, but she was on her way home when the accident happened.

Kathleen’s gotta be hoping the “things happen in threes” rule doesn’t apply to her.