At the WSOP, they’re serving a new energy drink called All-In, which poker legend Johnny Chan is associated with. Throughout the Amazon Room at the Rio, people are drinking the various flavors of All-In, including its bottled water. Now, I don’t know if this is true, but two different people told me the following story independently, so it’s at least going around.

Apparently, a waitress approached a tournament table in the midst of a hand and asked if anyone wanted something to drink. One of the players supposedly said, “Yeah, um, All-In.” Unfortunately, the other player in the hand immediately said “Call!” The first player tried to explain that he was just ordering a beverage, but the dealer and a floor supervisor explained that the rule in a tournament — as in most poker games — is that verbal declarations are binding, and he had to put all of his chips at risk. That was his last hand in that tournament.

I don’t know if he ever got his drink.

Food stuff…

While playing at The Venetian, I ordered a chicken caesar wrap from a waitress. When she brought it, the sandwich came with chips and a small cup of jelly beans. That’s the first time I’ve been served jelly beans outside of a child’s birthday party. Unfortunately, I don’t like ’em, but they made a nice tip for the floor supervisor, who accepted them with a laugh.

If you like dim sum, try Ping Pang Pong at the Gold Coast. The food is good, inexpensive, and served for lunch seven days a week.

After mentioning that I always stop at In & Out Burger during my Vegas visits, I read an interview with Steve Carrell in which he said that, after attending the premiere of his new movies, he and his wife always stop at In & Out for a cheeseburger. I love the visual of a couple in a tux and gown waiting patiently for a double double.