There are several late-night clubs on the Las Vegas Strip where the demographic is purely 25-34, and the men in attendance are there for one simple reason — there are a lot of women who aren’t wearing a lot of clothes. I’m not talking about the strip joints, but places like Pure (Caesar’s Palace), Light (Bellaggio), Ghost Bar (The Palms), and Tryst (The Wynn), which are all open from around 11pm to 4am.

If you’re at any of those casinos during those hours, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, you’ll see plenty of that crowd spilling out everywhere — and I do mean spilling out. Most of these women looked like they wished they could afford a room at The Wynn, but would settle for spending the night with any guy who could.

They were dressed as if they were in a Paris Hilton party-all-the-time contest, wearing little more than a sneeze. There was a lot of skin showing, with cleavage down to here, skirts up to there, bare shoulders, bare backs. That turned out to not be the best decision when they had to wait outside for a taxi at 3am in 25-degree cold. Like their idols (Paris, Britney, and their pals), at least a few of them were going commando, as at least one eyewitness (me) can verify. Suffice it to say that you’ll see more clothing on the women in those flyers the illegal immigrants are handing out on the sidewalk than you will on many of these party girls.

As a father of a daughter, I found myself appalled. As a heterosexual man, I found myself taking a break from the poker room several times to walk around and take a good look at the clientele.