Far too much of what’s done in Washington is based on short-term thinking. With congressional elections every two years, patience is not a virtue if you want to be re-elected. If a law was passed yesterday, and the problem it was designed to fix isn’t fixed today, those opposed to the law run around saying, “See, we told you it wouldn’t work.”

That’s why you hear so much carping about the stimulus. It became law 18 months ago, which is an eternity on Capitol Hill, and has already been deemed a failure by those on the right, who are used to stimulation leading to immediate gratification. But Time magazine’s Michael Grunwald says the American Recovery And Reinvestment Act of 2009 is changing America for the better — and the greener.

As we discussed on KTRS/St. Louis, Grunwald points out while everyone is focused on whether the stimulus is creating (or will create) jobs, not enough attention is being paid to how the bill changes the nation’s energy policy by finally getting us to invest in long-term solutions and alternatives.

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Here’s Grunwald’s piece in Time.