Today on my show, I played the VERY disturbing testimony on Capitol Hill by Kevin Tillman about how the Pentagon lied and manufactured stories about the death of his brother, Pat, in Afghanistan several years ago. The fact that the family was misled purposely, so that the government could create a tale of heroism, indicates not just a lack of trust in the American people, but also a disrespect for every member of our military.

Kevin Tillman is no anti-war nut. He volunteered along with Pat, and was serving with him in Afghanistan at the time of the friendly fire incident that took his brother’s life. Listen to his testimony.

Jessica Lynch also testified, telling how her story of becoming a POW was perverted by the Pentagon to make her into “the girl Rambo from West Virginia.” That story was perpetuated by The Washington Post, which trumpeted the phony story of Lynch’s heroism. The irony is that Lynch still talks about her real heroes that day, including her roommate, Lori Piestawa (the first Native American to die in the war), and Sgt. Donald Walters (whose acts that day were of true bravery and selflessness). Had the military allowed Lynch to come home, heal, and tell the truth about what happened, perhaps they would have gotten their due.

Listen to Lynch’s testimony.