Tens of thousands of our soldiers are returning home from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. So, how does the military treat them?

According to the Washington Post, many who are housed at Fort Benning, Georgia, are put up in barracks that are about 200 yards away from the main infantry firing range. So, soldiers who have been traumatized by war must endure the sound of rifle and machine gun fire several days a week. This caused at least one of them to end up in the emergency room with a severe anxiety attack. Others have complained about their proximity to the range, but no one seems to listening.

This is the best we can do for our wounded warriors? Veterans have a right to expect more from the Pentagon and the VA (whose Secretary doesn’t think PTSD is that much of a problem), but despite the battles they endured in the middle east, the troops still lack the support they need when they come home.