I ask that question on a daily basis while trolling for stories to talk about on my radio shows. Here are four examples from the past week…

A 25-year-old woman who grew up near St. Louis says she’s going to marry Charles Manson. She’s a big fan of the 79-year-old convicted killer, and has even shaved her head and carved an X into her forehead to make herself a perfect match for him. Here’s the best part of the story — Manson says the marriage talk is “a bunch of garbage.” In other words, she’s being called crazy by Charles Manson.

A Hawaii state legislator had to be convinced to stop going around smashing homeless people’s belongings with a sledgehammer. This is the same state that wants to pay $100,000 to fly homeless people off the islands.

There’s a video game where players follow Adam Lanza’s footsteps as he killed 26 kids and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut.

Earl Sampson has been stopped by cops outside a convenience store 258 times in the last four years, and arrested 62 times for trespassing — even though the guy who owns the store has repeatedly told officer that Earl works there.