When a Catholic priest wrote to James Randi to try to get him to convert, he probably wasn’t happy with Randi’s reply.

Your inane postulation that I “doubt so much (I) must want to believe” has been offered to me many times, since the self-righteous cannot imagine that I am happy despite not having “eternal life” or “survival-after-death” to console me. Yes, as you pointedly mention in your letter, I have little time left to me, but my major concern – I assure you – is that I will have provided as best I can for those I will leave behind. Yes, I will die, and as I do so, I will hopefully have a smile for all present.

I note with amusement your unsupportable statement that “Faith [in gods, angels, heaven, etc.] and scientific truth are not opposed.” Sir, they are in all ways opposed. One depends on ancient rules, deep fear, hopes, and presumptions. The other accepts reality. I’ll opt for reality.

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