If I were an ER doctor and some rabid anti-mask/vaccine mandate governor like Texas’ Greg Abbott came in complaining of having caught COVID, I’d look him right in the eye and say:

I’m going to handle this with a page from your playbook. Let’s start with this: I don’t believe your claim, despite the overwhelming evidence. So, I’m going to help some people from a nursing home who are dying because of your anti-mask and anti-vaccine mandate policies.

And because you went to a public event Monday night with hundreds of other unmasked morons, I expect some of them will be in here soon, begging for ventilators and beds in our already overloaded ICU. As far as I’m concerned, like you, they can enjoy their freedom from science and medicine, no matter how sick they get.

If you argued that’s a violation of some oath I took to help the public, I’d reply that I’m just following your example.

Our hospital policy is kind of like a convenience store sign: No mask, no brains, no service!