There’s a video getting lots of online play of reporter Lisa Desjardins on her last day at CNN in DC, in which she laments the closure of the network’s Capitol Hill bureau due to staff cutbacks while she steals a bunch of office supplies (and a first aid kit off the wall). It’s gone viral, I suppose, because lots of people who lose their jobs want to take a shot at the boss before they’re gone. I’m sure Desjardins thought the concept was hysterical when she recorded it.

It’s not. As I watched it, all I could think about was her next potential employer seeing it and decided not to hire her based on it. It reminds me of all those videos people have posted on Facebook in the last decade in which they’re doing something they’ll regret later, from a drunken night out to some harsh words for their own boss to dissing an ex to doing something else that qualifies them as one of my Knuckleheads In The News®.